1. Adventure Travel
    World Adventure Travel is not defined by how crazy the activities are, but rather by the model in which the travel is done. Adventure travel has an element of the outdoors, is authentic and is sustainable for both the place and its people.
  2. Worldwide Partners
    Open Leaf Excursions partners with reputable operators around the world. We hand pick them based on their customer service model, reputation and destination. When booking with us you can be rest assured you're getting the best and most authentic experience.
  3. Walk Our Talk
    Our company grew from the dream of getting more people into the outdoors. We have been outdoor enthusiasts our entire lives and know how life altering these experiences can be. We just want to share.
Our Founder
Dana S. Johnson
Dana started Open Leaf Excursions after years of being an outreach specialist for Recreational Equipment Incorporated.  She spent a lot of time in the inner-city of Milwaukee teaching kids about environmentalism and discovered all too often that these kids had little to no exposure to any kind of green space.  Many children lived within a mile of the Great Lake Michigan and yet had never seen the lake.  After reading Richard Louv’s book, “Last Child in the Woods” Dana was inspired to take action.

As a mom of two boys she knew how important getting down in the dirt was.  As an avid outdoor enthusiast she was able to expose her sons to numerous adventures with the help of many outfitter friends.  She recognized a big gap between the urbanites needing the outdoors and the outfitters offering the outdoors.  That’s how Open Leaf Excursions was born.

Dana gets her greatest joy from sharing in someone’s empowerment through adventure.  She knows every person on earth has something deep inside him or her that can only be awakened by Mother Nature.  

Dana continues to work in the adventure travel world in the realm of marketing and sales as a consultant.
Our Adventure Concierge's imagination and passion for the outdoors allowed her to stretch the limits of what my family might normally have considered an “outdoor excursion.”  She used creative ideas and a wide array of outfitter relationships to provide engaging outdoor experiences for all of our levels of both comfort and skill.   I enjoyed serene bike rides on some of the best back roads available, as well as a midnight nature hike to admire the nighttime sky and the active “nightlife” of the forest.  My husband's need for an adrenaline rush was satisfied with a whitewater rafting excursion and my kids enjoyed a treasure hunt in the forest for bugs.  To wind down our day’s worth of outdoor fun, we enjoyed open-air cuisine and relaxation courtesy of professional chefs and a masseuse! 

You need not be concerned about your adventure comfort level when booking with Open Leaf Excursions. The Adventure Concierges' passions are not just for the “outdoor-elitists,” but to simply engage all people in the wonder and beauty of what nature has to offer.
Lori Loeschmann, Waukesha, WI
Take a dart and throw it at a world map! If we haven't been there ourselves, then we have the resources to find someone who has and can recommend the top adventure operators in that area. The world is your oyster!
Did you know adventure travel can physiologically bond you closer to your loved ones?  Exploring the outdoors and doing adventurous things are bound to make for incredible family memories.  Contact us today to set up your next family vacation.
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Womens' Specific
We can help with actual climbing as well as summiting for the most famous peaks in the world.  We've had clients get to the base camp of Everest as well as the top of Kilimanjaro. 
When our founder started this company she liked nothing more than helping women find their inner "bad-ass." Looking for a girls' getaway with some extra special activities sprinkled in? Just want to find a retreat to help clear your head?  We can do that too.
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Whether you're a road, mountain, fat or motorized rider, we have trips for you.  From luxury lunches mid-ride in Portugal to screaming downhills in Colombia, we can find just the right cycle adventure to meet your needs.
Our busy lives can really take a toll on our mental and physical health.  Sometimes the adventure is in slowing things down and focusing inward.  Experience hot springs, yoga by the ocean, juice cleanses, meditation and friendship at our numerous retreat destinations.
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Sometimes you don't know what you want until you see it.  The adventure community is a LOT of FUN and offer all sorts of unusual things to try.  Have you ever raced down a river in a bathtub or run with the bulls?  No matter the oddity we can help you with it.
Whether you're looking for a cross-country excursion in a motorhome, a luxurious glamping experience or a pup tent for one, we can hook you up.  Camping isn't for everyone but it's certainly needed when you really want to get off the grid.
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Air & Water Sports
Your boots are made for walking and that's our greatest recommendation.  The trails of the world are amazing and get you to incredible vistas and leave you with an invigorating feeling of accomplishment. Day hikes, through hikes and urban hikes are all reasonable asks.
Jumping out of airplanes, paragliding off of cliffs, kayaking off of waterfalls or just floating in a tube down the river, we've got it all.  These excursions can be entire trips or simple add-ons for an afternoon adventure for your itinerary.
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All the elements of the world make for interesting adventure.  Snow is no exception.  Dog sledding, skiing, igloo building and polar bear watching are just some of the winter excursions we can help you plan.
Attention deficit?  We feel ya! Why not do it all in the same trip?  If you've got time then we've got activities to keep you busy day.  Your adrenal glands will be shot by the end of one of our multi-sport itineraries. 
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