Mountains have long been the challenge to man. Their tops, considered sacred by many, bring out spiritual awakening when reached.

We hand select our operators who share our beliefs about sustainable travel and how it affects the culture and the land.

We create experience to match the ages and abilities of everyone in your party. Not sure you're physically ready for the challenge? We work with partners who can help get you prepared.





The best short trek you can do in Nepal enables you to enjoy the breath-taking scenery of some of the highest Himalayan peaks. Challenge yourself in the high altitude and meet some of the most capable climbers in the world.
Kilimanjaro is famous for its challenge but do-ability.  A hearty trek that takes you through various temperature and climates, you will feel extreme success at the summit.  Kilimanjaro should be on everyone's bucket list.

Want to get your heartrate elevated? Try a rappel down the side of a cliff or waterfall. Offered around the world, we have connections with some of the most unique and challenging rappels you can find.




Via Ferratas are found around the world and offer an opportunity for a trekker to experience a route normally reserved only for an experienced climber.  A steel cable is run along the climbing route and is fixed to the rock along various points. Climbers secure themselves to the cable to limit a fall. Via Ferrata routes include steel rungs, pegs, carved steps, ladders and bridges.  
True climbing can be done anywhere there is good rock with plenty of handholds. We partner with companies specializing in safety and credibility. Being based in snow country, we can also help you find great ice climbing destinations. 
The Andes Mountains offer the opportunity for great treks. Peru, Chile and Argentina hold the record for the most famous treks, but amazing adventure can be found throughout South America and its outlying islands.