We are committed to giving you the best adventure experience for your family.

We hand select our operators who share our beliefs about sustainable travel and how it affects the culture and the land.

We create experience to match the ages and abilities of your family so everyone is comfortable from the newest to the oldest editions of the family unit.





Riding a horse doesn't have to be the head to tail trail ride.  What about exploring a canyon of Mexico on a working horse ranch or learning how to do rodeo in Wyoming.  We believe teaching kids the skills to handle a horse is empowering and safer than just plopping them on a pony and heading off in a line.
Kayaking is a great sport to share with the family.  Sea or whitewater is completely doable by people of all age groups.  Proper instruction and equipment can make this sport a lifelong obsession. 

What kid doesn't love animals? Seeing the jungle animals in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience. Participating in scientific studies at a bio reserve is useful and inspiring for young minds as well.




Hiking is a great family activity and a fantastic way to wear the kids out. How about a hike along the same paths the Incas took to Machu Picchu? Or perhaps your family would  like the classic hike along the Camino de Santiago of Spain. 
If you have little adrenaline junkies then zip-lining may be just the ticket.  Available almost anywhere in the world, we have the discovered some of the most scenic, fastest and longest zips in the world.
A family that camps together is a bonded family.  Whether you want to really rough it and carry your hotel on your back or participate in a glamping experience, we have the adventure for you.