There is no bad weather, just bad equipment.  This is our motto and we believe fun can be had at all temperatures with the right operator and equipment.  

We hand select our operators who share our beliefs about sustainable travel and how it affects the culture and the land.

Consider how your favorite outdoor places change with the seasons.  Consider the animals' shifts in behavior and place yourself in the midst for an incredible experience.


downhill skiing / snowboarding

backcountry skiing

polar bear observations

Both hemispheres offer unique opportunities for the pull of gravity to pull you down an icy, snow-laden slope in the winter season.  So whether you're wanting to see Alaska or Patagonia, we have a ski partner with whom we can connect.

Backcountry skiing is the equivalent to through hiking in the winter.  Ski from hut to hut or do an out and back.  We have operators who understand where the safest places are to traverse the slopes and keep an eye on clients making their way into the wilderness during extreme conditions.
Polar bears are not the easiest animals to safely observe.  These tours require vehicles designed to protect the observers from the bears and the elements.  Allow us to set you up with the finest operators in the world for observing polar bears in their natural habitat.


Ice climbing


Traveling to the land mass covering the South Pole is no easy feat. The rewards are incredible however, with observations of unique animals and the opportunity to experience an uninhabited land nearly untouched by humans.  Imagine the quiet. 
There is no need to give up on climbing during the winter months.  Consider an ice climb up a frozen waterfall or some other cliff frozen over with ice.  Take your climbing to a whole new level with an adventure into the cold.
If you can walk, you can snowshoe. It's a great way to get out on a hike and enjoy nature during the winter months.  Consider a snowshoe hike with winter camping for a real trip about which to brag.